Gizmag is now New Atlas

I’ve only been a subscriber to the tech-newszine Gizmag for about three years, but this online newsletter has been around for 15 years.

15 years, using the name Gizmag.

Consider that name. If you see a newsletter or magazine called Gizmag, what does the title convey to you?

Giz is part of “gizmo,” isn’t it? A word that implies electronics, technical “stuff,” and has an irreverent and “now” feel to it.

Today, the top story on Gizmag was that after 15 years it is changing its name… to New Atlas.

What does their new title imply?

To me, New Atlas has nothing to do with technology, computers, or up-to-the-minute information. At a casual glance at the title, I wouldn’t even know that it’s a newsletter or zine.

To me New Atlas would refer to either an atlas, or maps (and has that field covered, IMHO – Atlas Obscura is a fantastic news-zine on just what the name implies) or to Ayn Rand’s book, Atlas Shrugged.

There is nothing in that title that refers to what this newszine was, or apparently is supposed to be.

The article announcing the name change requested feedback, and I sent them an email immediately giving them my opinion that they had made a big mistake in changing the name.

It will be interesting to see if their “new subscribers” drops to zero..


Why your business website should have a business blog

Every website should have a blog. An integrated blog for choice, but if that’s not possible, create an external blog using a free site such as You can customize to look quite professional.

There are two important reasons why a business should have a blog.

1. It helps with SEO. You can create keyword-rich posts which will be indexed by search engines and drive up your page ranking.

2. You can connect with your potential clients or customers.

If you’re gong to have a blog, you must post in it on a regular basis. At a bare minimum, you should make a post once a week. Two or three times a week is better – every single day is best.

The number of posts you make is dependent on your business, of course, and your target market. If you are a professional photographer, you can easily create a new post every day just by uploading one of your photos and writing a few descriptive sentences about it.

If you are a marketing consultant, you will want to post an information- and keyword-rich post every other day or so – blog posts that will illustrate your knowledge of every aspect of marketing. A few fluff posts per month are allowed – amusing graphics you come across on the web and so on.


A blog integrated into a website is a must these days. It allows you to have fresh content on a weekly basis – which helps with your SEO.

If you are going to use WordPress, it is best to have WordPress hosted on your own server. This is because it is the only way that you can import plugins! If you purchase and host your blog/site at itself, you are limited to what you can do!