Why your business website should have a business blog

Every website should have a blog. An integrated blog for choice, but if that’s not possible, create an external blog using a free site such as blogger.com. You can customize blogger.com to look quite professional.

There are two important reasons why a business should have a blog.

1. It helps with SEO. You can create keyword-rich posts which will be indexed by search engines and drive up your page ranking.

2. You can connect with your potential clients or customers.

If you’re gong to have a blog, you must post in it on a regular basis. At a bare minimum, you should make a post once a week. Two or three times a week is better – every single day is best.

The number of posts you make is dependent on your business, of course, and your target market. If you are a professional photographer, you can easily create a new post every day just by uploading one of your photos and writing a few descriptive sentences about it.

If you are a marketing consultant, you will want to post an information- and keyword-rich post every other day or so – blog posts that will illustrate your knowledge of every aspect of marketing. A few fluff posts per month are allowed – amusing graphics you come across on the web and so on.

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